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October 26, 2020
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November 9, 2020

Customs Clearing Services in Cameroon – ACSE

Customs Clearing

ACSE offers customs clearing services in Cameroon and the entire Central Africa Region. We offer a variety of services that help our clients import in and export out of Cameroon and the neighbouring countries, especially Chad and Central African Republic.

With the improvement in technology and a strong relationship with the Customs Authorities, ACSE ensures delivery of its clients’ goods when expected. We manage all the documentation required when the goods arrive or even before the goods arrive be it by air, sea or land.

Every product that enters or leaves Cameroon and the Central Africa Region are subject to customs clearing procedures that should accord with the legislation of each country as well as that of the CEMAC. ACSE Ltd can assist you by making sure your freight respects the standards, rules and regulations put in place during the export and import customs clearance process.

Our staff are experts in a full range of Customs services for both export and import transactions. They have obtained specialized trainings to manage specific customs issues like customs documentation, warehousing, inland transportation to clients’ location, etc. ACSE Ltd helps its clients go through complex rules and regulations. We offer the best guidance practice you can find in Cameroon. We also provide a full range of solutions to all your Customs Clearing needs.

Our Customs Clearing Services are available across all transport modes and in all main airports and seaports in the Central Africa Region. We carry out the necessary inspection and documentation procedures at each port. We also arrange for customs clearance services for those importers who want to move their cargo to other parts of the world.

As a Customs Clearing Agent, ACSE has its core strength in handling documentations, processing and procurement. We also have connections with Vessel Agents across the Gulf of Guinea who can transport any type of goods from any country in the West, Central and Southern Africa. Our staff understands the challenges and demands of businesses today. They treat each clients’ needs separately and makes sure they respect the formalities involved in the process of importing or exporting cargo.

All cargo that enters or leaves Cameroon is subject to customs clearance procedures. These procedures are under the CEMAC legislation. That’s why ASCE ensures that your cargo is shipped and received in a timely manner. We make sure your documents are in compliance with all the rules and regulations put in place for Customs Clearing in Cameroon and the CEMAC Region.

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