General maintenance

We are a dedicated provider of property management and maintenance services in Cameroon. Your reliable property maintenance partner

One of the best ways to maintain the cost of property low is through proper maintenance and management. Our team of experts are at your disposal to maintain, modify and manage existing buildings.

We carry out general maintenance, repair works and the maintenance of machines, mechanical equipment as well as buildings. Al our maintenance services are carried out by verified employees who have been trained to perform such task.

We ensure that before our client gets a safe transition when they plan on upgrading or modernizing building.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing Modifications and Repairs
  • General cleanup
  • Mold Management and Prevention Plans
  • Retaining Wall Engineering
  • Architectural Design and Layout
  • Pavement Consulting
  • Cleaning inside and outside of storage tanks
  • Gravel road maintenance
  • Floor Tile and Carpet

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