Marine & Offshore Consulting Services in West Africa

General maintenance services in Cameroon
General Maintenance Services Provider in Cameroon – ACSE Ltd.
October 12, 2020

Marine & Offshore Consulting Services in West Africa

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Afrique Consulting Services & Engineering Ltd, ACSE Ltd, provides marine and professional offshore consulting services in Cameroon and the entire Gulf of Guinea Region. We have a team of expert engineers and mariners with a wide experience in carrying out complex offshore projects and marine operations.

The Offshore Oil & Gas Industry is experiencing some growth after the Covid-19 pandemic and governments and private companies are putting in large amounts of investment to revive the sector.

ASCE Ltd has a broad knowledge in operating and regulatory conditions prevailing in Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea and the entire West & Central Africa. We have been providing offshore consulting and services on platforms involved in in oil exploration and offshore drilling.

We have experience surveyors who are experts in preparing and reviewing offshore procedures, analysis in marine operations and support in engineering calculations. They offer reviews and make recommendations on the equipment to be used and propose contingency measures for various offshore operations.

We also offer support in drafting trust deeds, assist in incorporating entities and the opening of bank and investment accounts for companies. We also provide necessary tax and legal advice through our partners.

Our experienced and dynamic personnel deliver smart, safe, sustainable and innovative solutions to complex problems. As an offshore consulting company, we know when to maximize operational efficiency.

ACSE Ltd provides a wide range of offshore and marine consultancy services to the Oil & Gas and maritime industries. Our staff and engineers are experts with many years of experience in offshore drilling and offshore vessels. We assist our clients in getting practical solutions for their marine operations and offshore projects.

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Our Offshore Consulting Services

Each consulting service we offer is tailored to meet the needs of each customer or individual project. Below are some of the services we offer:

We offer:

  • Marine Warranty & related services
  • Provision of Towmasters and Rigmovers
  • Offshore survey and installations
  • Provision of Marine Advisors
  • Vessel registration services
  • Dry transportation consultancy and operations
  • Business representation
  • Vessel inspections
  • Work Safety & security
  • Rules & Regulations compliance
  • Regulations and legislations
  • Marine vetting and inspection
  • Pilotage operations
  • Technology and equipment
  • Rig move procedures
  • Market analysis
  • Training and education
  • Pre-charter audits / surveys
  • Maritime security monitoring and surveillance
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Witnessing equipment trials and tests
  • Documents and manual development
  • Provide client representatives to offshore companies
  • Drafting and review of offshore project related procedures
  • Anchor handling procedures

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We also have partner relationships with financial service professionals, legal, tax and accounting advisors, in various jurisdictions.

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