We Construct Steel Buildings in Cameroon

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August 9, 2020
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August 30, 2020

We Construct Steel Buildings in Cameroon

Steel buildings - Metal Construction in Cameroon

ACE Services Ltd is in possession of resources and tools that help simplify steel building process that gets your project running smoothly.

Since its creation Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services been applying new techniques in the construction of buildings with metal frames. We have been offering a wide range of steel building construction services in Cameroon since it’s creation in 2016.

Our Experience in Steel Buildings

We have created the best steel building solutions with internationally accepted quality standards that has maintained our growth in different regions in Cameroon and neighboring countries.

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Continuous research in metallic construction has led us to a specialization which has ultimately made us to be what we are today. Our steel building services cover residences, professional buildings, hotel facilities, villas, extensions and upgrades to traditional buildings using metal.

Steel Buildings are Cheaper & Safer

It should be noted that steel frame structures are safer and holds the highest power-to-weight ratio when you compare it with other building materials. Steel has a much longer service life and requires very little maintenance when compared to conventional concrete structures.

Engineers have used steel to construct massive architectures that have outlived generations. The fact that the time-line for constructing steel buildings is shorter, it helps to save labor and equipment rentals. steel buildings require less substantial foundation when compared to structures that are made of bricks, wood or concrete. Safety and security are our watchwords, hence a shortened time-line for construction means a reduced chance of job-site injuries and accidents.

ACE Services Ltd Steel Building Service

ACE Services Ltd offers high-quality services which is they key hidden behind the company’s success. The strength of the company lies in its longstanding experience and passion in construction. We aim at offering our clients ecological-conscious steel buildings that satisfies their unique needs and offers security while respecting the demands of the environment.

We can also help you procure and supply prefab metal buildings and its components, thermal insulation systems, wall and roof systems, accessories, etc. We are a leader in Cameroon when it comes to steel building solutions.

We also supply Oil Field Equipment and other needs for the oil & gas industry.

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