#1 Supply Chain and Procurement Services Provider in Cameroon

Afrik Engineering - supply chain & procurement in Cameroon
Supply Chain & Procurement Management in the Oil & Gas Sector
June 11, 2020

#1 Supply Chain and Procurement Services Provider in Cameroon

Supply Chain and Procurement

The most important objective of oil and gas companies is to achieve maximum production. This means their exploration activities must be at its optimum with efficient processing. As a supply chain and procurement service provider, we (Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services Ltd) have ensured our supply chain activities work in the most effective manner to guarantee efficient operations and reduce costs.

This is what makes Afrik Engineering (Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services Ltd) the most efficient supply chain and procurement management company for the oil and gas industry in Cameroon. We have put in place an effective value chain that helps in risk reduction, warehouse inventory management, logistics and transport monitoring, supply and demand control, etc.

Supply Chain and Procurement
Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services Ltd

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Our experts ensure that companies in the oil and gas sector gets the best procurement strategy available through the creation of short and long term supply chain strategies.

We have studied and are very well-informed on the key issues that impact the ability of companies in the oil and gas industries around the Gulf of Guinea region to operate in a cost effective manner. We have done this by creating a flexible model that works with the demands of the market. We have mastered how to connect your company’s supply chain using new technology and highly dependable supply chain solutions.

We are dedicated to serve the needs of oil and gas companies using our expertise in the following:

  • Demand and supply planning;
  • Compliance and risk management in supply chain;
  • Supply chain strategies
  • Warehouse inventory management;
  • New procurement and purchasing strategies and;
  • Transport and logistics solutions

Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services Ltd keeps innovating and developing valuable partnership with manufacturers to ensure it brings the latest technological services to our clients.

We do this by effectively sourcing and searching for materials that are not only important, but needed in the operating activities of the oil and gas industries in Cameroon. We ensure that our customers take proactive measures to be able to adjust their cost structures efficiently in other to increase their profits and serve their customers well.

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