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Supply Chain & Procurement Management in the Oil & Gas Sector
June 11, 2020
oilfield services
Oilfield Services in Cameroon | Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services
July 10, 2020

Oil Field Equipment and Supplies | Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services

Oil field equipment

Number 1 Oil field equipment and supplies supplier in the entire Gulf of Guinea area.

Afrique Consulting & Engineering Services, ACE Services Ltd, is the number supplier of industrial oil field equipment in Cameroon and the entire Gulf of Guinea region.

Our activities include dealership, distribution and supply of oilfield equipment and supplies, engineering construction materials and industrial consumables to refineries, construction industries, drilling rigs, water desalination plants, etc. With our team, we have been supplying safe and durable products to our customers.

ACE Services Ltd is specialized in the supply of oilfield equipment and service solutions in the oil and gas industry. We cover any supply needs from construction, operation, maintenance or upgrade of wells.

Our oilfield equipment and supplies include:

Fracking service equipment, infector chains, flow line, power units, oilfield pumps, plug valves, accumulators, well pump valve & seats, swivel joints, junk mills, etc.

With our extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, we deliver only high quality products to our customers. Our goal is to become a reference point and valuable partner for the supply and distribution of oil field equipment and supplies in the Gulf of Guinea Region.

ACE Services Ltd is staffed with professionals and engineers who are experts in oil field equipment that will provide you with information on different products or equipment. They are available to assist customers select the right products as per their specification and specific application.

Wire sheaves rope supplier for the oil field sector

We supply wire rope sheaves for the oil and gas industry. We supply sheaves made from stainless steel, nylon, plate steel and cold formed aluminium. They are available in different stock sizes or let us know if you want custom specifications. You can choose to get your supply with or without bearings and bushings.

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Oil field absorbents & spill control

ACE Services Ltd also distributes oil field absorbents and spill control products. We supply absorbents like biodegradable pads and polypropylene rolls. Our oil spill kits and containment products include drums, pallets, trays and railroad track pans.

Oil & gas well equipment & supplies distributor

We are distributors of oil and gas well equipment and supplies like collars, plugs, cementing heads, swages, shoes and baskets, jet mixing systems and centralizers. We also supply test tables, couplers, circulating heads, baffle plates, couplings, etc.

Experts in heating and boiler plant maintenance

Our heating maintenance and boiler maintenance services include Boiler steam plant maintenance, Boiler combustion efficiency expert advice, heating systems repairs, Boilers and steam system health checks and boiler operation safety follow up.

We are out to forge a partnership made of trust with our customers and suppliers in the oil field equipment sector. This will be mutually beneficial for all parties and will be a basis for long term business. We are open to be in partnership with like-minded Agents, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers and of course Customers.

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For more information about our oil field equipment and supplies services, you can contact us using:

PO Box 8901 Douala, Cameroon
+237 656 927 735 | info@afrikengineering.com

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