Offshore Fabrication Services in Cameroon

Offshore construction
Offshore construction services in the Gulf of Guinea
August 3, 2020
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August 20, 2020

Offshore Fabrication Services in Cameroon

offshore fabrication - ACE Services Ltd.

Afrique Consulting and Engineering Services is offers high quality design, fabrication and installation services in the oil and gas sectors in Cameroon and the entire Gulf of Guinea Region. We are specialized in offering heavy offshore fabrication services for steel structures.

We have been assisting our clients with wide range solutions that address their specific needs. We also provide management and support services for our clients’ entire project life-cycle.

Our offshore fabrication service

At ACE Services Ltd, we offer comprehensive offshore fabrication services, specifically in the oil and gas industry. We have developed a well-known reputation for services offered.

Examples of our activities include metal bending, custom manufacturing, turning and milling, grinding, powder coating and wet painting. We offer a list of comprehensive fabrication solutions for marine projects.

Metal construction

We have an outstanding experience in metal construction and assembly. We transform metallic products by putting together efficient designs with sustainable manufacturing processes.

ACE Services Ltd has a dedicated team specialized in planning and delivering offshore fabrication projects from manufacturing, installation and maintenance for the oil and gas industry. Our fabricators and fitters have extensive knowledge and experience in metal construction, pipework and custom-made spare parts.

Machining and modification

We make available a team of specialists and technicians from the initial project plan to the final product. This is to ensure the solutions we offer our clients are delivered at very efficient, cost-effective and of highest quality.

Our expert team of engineers are qualified and work in strict accordance with safety and risk assessment requirements. They make sure all activities are well planned and carried out according to specification.

Painting and blasting

We use the latest technology to deliver advance solutions to our customers when it comes to painting and blasting. Our specialist know exactly what they need when it comes to surface preparation and protective coatings on metal.

We ensure that our activities for each project is supervised by one of our qualified project managers. This allows for every aspect of the project to be meticulously monitored from procurement and supply to HSE and risk assessment.

We have an unparalleled experience in offshore fabrication for the oil and gas sector. We are committed to develop offshore fabrication and engineering solutions that meet our clients’ most complex needs.

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